Hand-Rearing Forms

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Hand-rearing summaries provide details of formula composition, amounts, body weights & growth, developmental stages, medical history and support materials. Initially targeting birds, non-domestic (carnivores), non- domestic hoofstock and primates. Specific form templates are available to document all aspects of the hand-rearing process from birth to weaning.

  • Contact Information/Institution
  • Standardized Reporting Data
  • Diet and Husbandry Data
    • Age
    • Milk Replacers
    • Daily Intake, Feedings per Day
    • Formula Recipe
    • Developmental Comments
    • Housing Requirements
    • Apparatus
    • Weight and Body Measurement Data
    • Weaning Phase Data
    • Veterinary Notes
      • Body Temperature
      • Passive Transfer Information
      • Colostrum Replacer
      • Vaccinations
      • Supplements
      • Additional Information
      • Citations

The advisory panel will review the submission and provide feedback for each section of the report.

Data retrieval is important in order to track formula related problems, monitor growth charts and provide current resources for those seeking immediate information.